Saturday, December 6, 2008

2 Week Anniversary...

The past two weeks have flown by.  Returning from the Honeymoon, we spent our first Thanksgiving as a married couple with Dan's family.  We enjoyed not one, but two wonderful dinners then returned to our apartment to find it clean and tidy with a massive pile of gifts.  Thanks to those who helped transport items from the wedding to the apartment, and a special Thank You to Ashley and Travis for cleaning up the apartment, it was wonderful to be able to relax when we got home.  

Over the past month, our local grocery was offering a free turkey if you earned a certain number of points.  Dan insisted that we get this "free" turkey - we spent one afternoon stocking up on all the necessities and indeed earned this turkey.  We unfortunately had to redeem the coupon by November 28th, the day after Thanksgiving...which meant that we had to eat it within the week because our freezer is jam packed from the shopping spree to earn it!!  We decided to skip church Sunday and had our very own Thanksgiving.  It was a lot of work, but well worth it, and we are now stocked up on turkey!!  I have to say, for my first ever turkey experience, I think it turned out pretty good!  Check out the whole process...

7am stuffing the bird...we didn't have the proper skewer, so I used a paperclip to close up the neck!

While stuffing the body, I broke the skin connecting the leg to the body of the bird.

ALL DONE!!  Looks and smells wonderful!

Let's Eat.

After eating our wonderful meal, we loaded up some leftovers and headed to Dan's parents house for opening day of hunting season.  Dan has never hunted, but he 
decided to give it a try this year - hoping to bring home some yummy venison.
  He and Kyle were up early and spent the day hoping to get their buck.  Unfortunately both came home empty handed, but Dan's hoping to give it another try before the season is over.

We're both back to work and continuing to clean up/organize our small apartment.  We've taken one trip to Goodwill, and I'm sure many more will follow as we sift through all the things we thought we would need someday and have never needed!  We're enjoying the many wonderful gifts we received - especially the "best one" from our neighbor lady!!   

We're looking forward to another break in a few weeks when we'll be headed to Indiana to spend Christmas with my family.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Honeymoon...a secret no more.

We're back....

The honeymoon was kept a secret until about 6:30p Sunday, November 23 - a whole 24 hours after leaving the church!!  He gave me no hints, at least none that I was able to pick up on.  Except of course the fact that where ever we were going, we'd have a 3 hour car ride from the airport!  At the airport, I was informed that we were going to Pheonix, Arizona (well, 3 hours from Pheonix?!)

While waiting on the flight, Dan decided to tell me that my mother had known about the trip all along.  As we were packing to leave the church, Dan gave me a new pair of cowboy boots.  Apparently he had called my mom a few months back to see if she would break the boots in for me, unfortunately her feet are a bit smaller than mine - during the phone call, he inf
ormed her of some of the details of the big secret!

When we arrived in Pheonix, we picked up our rental car - PT Cruiser!!  After loading up, we were on our way - still not sure where!?!  As we drove along, the landscape was gorgeous, cacti and mountains with a backdrop of a beautiful Southwestern sunset.  The beautiful sunset came a bit sooner than expected - my suspense grew more intense as it grew darker.  After driving nearly 45 miles on a road with no houses and only a few dirt side roads, we turned onto a dirt road ourselves.  Another mile and a half down the road we arrived at the Rancho De La Osa Guest Ranch!!!
We were only there a few days, but enough to enjoy some much needed relaxation.  We enjoyed gourmet meals and horseback riding lessons, followed by beautiful sunsets and a warm fireplace in our room.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Drop us a line.


Dan & Jess

Life is a journey...why not travel together?

"Two roads diverged in a wood,
and We - We took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference."
-Robert Frost-

Though we've spent the past two years moving around a lot, we're currently in Fort Wayne, Indiana settling down a bit.  Dan currently works at Sweetwater Sound in the recording studio, and Jess is pursuing teaching positions.  We've added a rambunctious member to our little family, Mei Mei, who we love and adore.

We hope that this blog will keep us connected with our friends and family all over the world.  Though we are miles apart, know that we think of you all often!

~ Dan & Jess