Friday, November 28, 2008

Honeymoon...a secret no more.

We're back....

The honeymoon was kept a secret until about 6:30p Sunday, November 23 - a whole 24 hours after leaving the church!!  He gave me no hints, at least none that I was able to pick up on.  Except of course the fact that where ever we were going, we'd have a 3 hour car ride from the airport!  At the airport, I was informed that we were going to Pheonix, Arizona (well, 3 hours from Pheonix?!)

While waiting on the flight, Dan decided to tell me that my mother had known about the trip all along.  As we were packing to leave the church, Dan gave me a new pair of cowboy boots.  Apparently he had called my mom a few months back to see if she would break the boots in for me, unfortunately her feet are a bit smaller than mine - during the phone call, he inf
ormed her of some of the details of the big secret!

When we arrived in Pheonix, we picked up our rental car - PT Cruiser!!  After loading up, we were on our way - still not sure where!?!  As we drove along, the landscape was gorgeous, cacti and mountains with a backdrop of a beautiful Southwestern sunset.  The beautiful sunset came a bit sooner than expected - my suspense grew more intense as it grew darker.  After driving nearly 45 miles on a road with no houses and only a few dirt side roads, we turned onto a dirt road ourselves.  Another mile and a half down the road we arrived at the Rancho De La Osa Guest Ranch!!!
We were only there a few days, but enough to enjoy some much needed relaxation.  We enjoyed gourmet meals and horseback riding lessons, followed by beautiful sunsets and a warm fireplace in our room.

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  1. Sounds like you guys had so much fun. Congratulations to both of you!!