Monday, March 2, 2009

three things.

Three things happened today.

1. It Snowed...a lot! But Dan and I were still able to make it to the Fractured Prune for some wonderful breakfast donuts!! YUMMY!!!

2. Our fish died...Unfortunately, Porcupine and Soccer Ball, our two beautiful ladies were dead when we woke up. We aren't sure what happened, but Dan noticed them acting funny on Friday and it got progressively worse over the weekend. One began to turn black, which makes us think that maybe she had a disease of some kind and may have spread it to the others - President Bartlet, our lone male, is still alive, but doesn't look like he's going to last much longer.

3. I completed my first TESOL course!!! As soon as my grades are posted, we'll be able to begin our search for our next big adventure! Now the goal is to assist Dan in finishing up his course and make some headway on my second course.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jess and Dan...I found this b/c of your post on fb. I'm glad you did that!
    You've had a busy first 6 months of marriage!!! wow!!!