Sunday, March 1, 2009


Greetings. It's been a little over a month since I've last updated the blog, and Dan keeps giving me more things I should add. So in an attempt to share all of the updates in our married life, here is the bullet list.

No space.
Living in a small apartment, has been fun but, a bit of an adjustment for two people. We've had to be creative with what space we have and utilize things in ways we never thought before. Two of our best space savers are my new desk, and Dan's bike rack. The bike now hangs in the living room as a piece of art would...and for someone who likes things to be "just so," I actually quite like it! :-) My desk came about from numerous complaints that I was creating a mess on the table with all my junk. I didn't have anywhere else to put my stuff, so we decided that the TV would go (we never watch it anyway; and with the new digital switch, we get like 2 stations) and we'd use what used to be the coffee tables (just red stools). It took Dan a few attempts to get the bike art correct...

The desk was completed after a trip to Milton Hershey's new student homes...via dumpster diving! We found two small pieces of counter top and a wonderful chair...I LOVE IT, and the best part is, I actually use it, and the table is clean!!

New Friends.
Meet President Bartlet, Porcupine, and Soccer Ball...

Our new guppies joined us after a weekend trip to New York to visit Dan's sister. While in Chinatown for dinner, we stopped in a fish store and decided that we needed a pet. They've been a wonderful addition to our life...

We decided that we'd get a head start on our garden and plant some starters inside. We planted a number of herbs and started our lettuce, tomato and pepper plants.

Extra Time.
As Spring approaches, I'm glad to feel as though I have more time to enjoy it. This past week I finished my coaching position at the middle school. The Cheerleaders competed the weeks prior, bringing home "best jumps," "most creative," and third place in their division. Over all it was a great season, but I'm beyond ready to have my evenings!! Tuesday I will switch to the morning shift at work, so I'll be off at 3pm, allowing me to be home for dinner with Dan. We're nearing the end of our TESOL class, so I hope to spend more time knitting (I'm almost done with my first sock!), and bike riding when the weather is nice.

We recieved many wonderful gifts for our wedding, but one of the best by far has been our Crock Pot. To date, we've made a number of meals for ourselves and guests. We've made two whole chickens - recently found whole chicken for $.69/lb!!! - chili, turkey and noodles, soup, and more. If you're looking for a great gift, this would be it!!!

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