Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Indiana Easter.

Hooray for breaks from work.  The countdown began weeks prior, but on April 9th it was finally here.  Dan and I were able to pack up the car and head out to Indiana around Lunch time.  The drive was easy, but only now did it occur that this drive continues to get longer.  In college, the drive from Marion, Indiana to Dan's parents house was a measly 8, as we live a bit further East AND we're no longer headed to Marion, Indiana, we've added 2 HOURS to the trip.  WOW MOM.The trip to Indiana had many of the list - See MOM!!  Some of you may already know, but my mother is dealing with a relapse of a brain tumor.  3 years ago, she went through a major surgery to have it removed, however, at that point the Dr. stated that "it may grow back, so we'll watch it!"  Unfortunately, it has grown back, but the treatment is much less invasive.  Currently she's going through a special, highly concentrated form of Radiation.  She receives treatment 5 days a week in Indianapolis (2.5-3 hour drive one way for her).  As of our trip home, things were going side effects! She's able to drive herself there and back without any of the side effects often associated with radiation.  It was so great to see with my own eyes that she truly is doing well.  I even got to see the very science-fiction-like treatment she undergoes each day (all 15 minutes of it!).  

One of Dan and my many dreams is to one day own land and build ourself a homestead - (Dan's commune for any of those who've been previously invited).  While visiting my parents house Dan caught up on years of "Mother Earth News" a magazine all about natural living and
 homesteading.  He was in heaven with all the amazing information found in the old copies of
 this magazine! (kept him busy for hours)  My family has been living on what some would call a homestead for many years.  They aren't quite self-sufficient, but buying meat, eggs, butter, and veggies was a rare occasion.  I can remember summers where we'd rarely go grocery shopping; maybe head up to the local fruit market for a gallon of milk or some cheese or bread, but that was all.  At the time, I hated weeding the garden and taking care of picking the crops, but now I realize the awesome difference in these fresh fruits and veggies as I am unable to have them so readily available.

My parents are breeders of  British White Cattle.  They had 15 head of cattle in the fall, but started the spring with 11 pregnant.  We weren't able to see any of the birthing process -  (they waited until the day we traveled home) - but we were able to see some calfs up close and personal as they had 5 babies before we arrived.

Mom has been raising chickens for a few years now and collected eggs on a daily basis.  As you can see they're free-range.

Over Easter the local farm store had a "Chick Sale," so Mom decided she needed some more chicks to raise for eatin'.  

Dan and I decided to make some new friends.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and our trip was no exception.  I had to be on-call at school - which means I had to babysit the one and only student who didn't go home for break.  And...Dan got a JOB!!  So we headed back home...with a quick stop to have an Easter dinner with Dan's parents on the way!