Thursday, May 28, 2009

May update.

It's been a few weeks, but to be completely honest not much exciting has happened! 

Work has been a bit stressful.  Staff out - we're always understaffed, but at one point there were 5 staff gone for a week and a half!  Student issues - we've rounded a corner in dealing with some of the major physical and psychological issues in the cottage, unfortunately at the cost of sending a student home.  Hours - Tammy, one of the overnight staff, had to have foot surgery, leaving those female staff to step up and cover the overnights.  Unfortunately, this meant that I had to pull a double shifts (19 hour days!), two weeks in a row.  Luckily that's over now!  Only 3 weeks remaining - no more academics!  2 weeks of camping trips, and college visits, then cleaning/packing the final week.

We've spent a lot of time with family this month.  May will always be a celebratory month for the Ankney family...Birthdays: Jess, Kristen, & Gary & Mother's Day!!!  A few weeks ago, Kristen came in from NY and we went to the in-laws.  We spent a weekend just hanging out outside and had a cookout.  We again visited this past weekend as Dan and I needed to clean out his old bedroom in order to provide space for us to store our stuff while we're away next year.  It was a gross job, but we luckily finished it in one day!!  Now I have to begin the process in our own do you know what you're going to need for a year away!?! :-)

I had an interview last night... Hopefully I'll hear back soon to know whether or not I need to keep looking or if I can begin final preparations!  We're so ready, struggling to just "be here" for the next month.  


The months of June & July will be a busy for us.  

  • SBA camping trip
  • Dan & I camping weekend
  • 8th grade graduation
  • Natasha & Tiffany coming to Hershey Park
  • Heather's Bridal Shower
  • Alida's Bridal Shower
  • Youth Group Mission Trip to Philly (Dan & I are chaperones)
  • Visit family in Indiana
  • Road Trip to North Carolina
  • Visit Kristen in NYC
  • and whatever else we can fit in!!

Stay tuned for updates! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birthday Blessings.

  1. Friends & Fun...Saturday we invited some of our college friends as well as some of our local friends out for a cook out.  The weather luckily held while we grilled out and caught up.Some highlights:
    • homemade bird house was a HIT! (Thanks Mom!!)
    • discouraged Rachel from transplanting a tree!
    • Dan shared an array of not so complementing compliments!
    • Crazy Cindy (our neighbor lady) joined us, stating "It's so nice that you are feeding the poor!" (not sure who exactly she was referring to, maybe our friends looked a little scraggily!?)
    • no one was into I'm left to finish thie 1.5L of wine myself! :-) And dan has about 20 more beers to get down!
    • trip to RITAS!!  never realized how much I like frozen custard!
    • Walk around town, trying to convince Jon that he and Jenny should live in E-town  (Jenny isn't too interested as she went to school here - but the town is beautiful!)

  2. Relaxation...After our friends left, Dan and I took a nice leisurely bike ride through the Masonic Village - BEAUTIFUL!  We have completely fallen in love with this town.  We know that we will most likely never live here again, but we've been blessed with a wonderful library within walking distance and the beauty of the town to explore.  Our bike ride peaked (literally) at a steep hill in  a part of the Village we had never known existed.  Upon reaching the top, we were greeted by the most beautiful sunset!  Our evening ended by relaxing in our livingroom.  Candle light, glass of wine, Dan playing guitar and enjoying the stillness of the night.
  3. Husbands...I'm sure others will argue, but I'm pretty sure mine is the best! Dan made sure that my birthday was a special one.  He offered to make me breakfast - I only wanted cereal, until he began getting out left overs from the cookout that looked so yummy.  SO...we grilled out for breakfast (8am!) It was a great start to the day!  After breakfast, Dan brought me my birthday present (he was super anxious to give it to me!).  It was a beautiful WORLD MAP (hence the picture of me enjoying it!).  Something that I've been wanting for a while now.  We spent the next hour or so identifying the countries of the world in alphabetical order - we only got through 57 of the 257 on our list!  I also got a tree identification book which Dan showed me how to use.  The afternoon was spent at Barnes and Noble spending a birthday gift card - thanks Heather!  I got the Lonely Planet Guide to Southeast Asia (for those of you wondering, that's where we are headed in August/September - more on that later).  Our afternoon together ended with a trip to Coldstone Creamery for birthday icecream!! YUMMY! 
  4. never realize what you've been missing out on until you have it.  At all stages of life, I've always been a member of a, high school, college, etc.  But, in the two years I've lived in PA, I've only been a part of the community that my job  inevitably creates; and sometimes you need a life outside of work! :-)  Recently, Dan and I have gotten to know some of our Theology on Tap friends quite well and look forward to these meets more for the fellowship.  We've also been a part of a new Alternative Worship Experience at our church which has come about mostly thought the people of our Theology on Tap group.  It gives us another excuse to spend time with these awesome people!!  Sunday evening, I was truly blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people and to share my birthday with them.