Monday, August 17, 2009

It's official...we have jobs!

We're really moving to TAIWAN...7 days and counting!!!

Last night we accepted job offers with a chain school called David's English Center (the site is a bit broken, but you can get the idea). This comes as a great blessing as the past few weeks have been a bit discouraging...after a job falling through and a trip to the shore gone bad! We are thankful that we were able to find jobs at the same school - a tough thing to do, but something that we insisted on in order to enjoy our time off together. We will be teaching both youngsters and adults; our schedules will consist of afternoons and evenings which will allow us to experience the sites and sounds of this new country every morning.

The school that we'll be teaching at is located in Hsin Chu City, a city about an hour and a half south west of Taipei. It is home to a number of historical sites, museums and the new Science and Technology Industrial Park. The famous Chenghuang Temple Night Market is also located in Hsinchu, where I'm sure we'll find some delicious treats. We will also be conveniently sandwiched between the beach and the mountains!

Now that we have jobs, the next step is getting there! We got an amazing deal on our flight, but have to leave directly from NYC - although, this is convenient for saying goodbye to Dan's sister Kristin one last time. Our flight leaves August 25th at 11:45pm. The flight is about 18 hours, however, we will have a brief layover in Anchorage, Alaska before arriving in Taipei 6:05am August 27th.

Check back as we will post updates over the next week before we head out next Tuesday!

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