Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Everybody, DUCK!

Last Friday, Rita and Stephanie took us out for some meatballs and duck noodles. We headed to the market in hopes of finding oyster omelets (Rita's favorite), however the stand was closed when we arrived. Instead we sat down to try some meatballs.

These are not your average meatball...they consist of a jelly-gooey outer shell that is filled with some chunks of meat then covered with a sweet red sauce. Your meant to eat it with this short chopstick-like utensil with a fork prong on the end. It's very chewy and gooey!

Needless to day, these were not our favorite...we definitely enjoyed the meatballs at the festival more!

Next we headed to a famous Duck Noodle restaurant near the market. The meal began with a large platter of Duck served with pickled cucumbers. Meals in Taiwan are very communal, each person eats from a communal plate. We all began digging in with our chopsticks...

Next came the noodles. We ordered fried noodles as well as noodle soup. Again we all shared and ate from the same communal plates.

Finally came the blood. That's right, more blood. They serve Duck's blood in a sauce that was actually quite good. It has a very strong flavor, but tastes nothing like you would expect.

Dan really enjoyed the blood, I on the other hand had to psych myself up in order to try it. We both agree that it is definitely a group dish as we could never finish an order between the two of us.

Check back soon for more food adventures!

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