Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fruit of the Week

Today, Dan and I bought our second new fruit, the custard apple.

We've decided to try a new fruit each week since we have a fruit stand right next door. Each week we will share about our fruit and our thoughts of it.

The Custard Apple is a soft fruit with a banana-pineapple flavor. It consists of "chunks" that each have a black seed inside. These "chunks" are similar to the shape of chunks of pineapple and the outer layer (once pealed) is soft and mushy like a banana. The flavor is great!! The unfortunate part is the mess it makes while eating.

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  1. Hey Jessica--

    Great blog!

    Thanks so much for your comment at hsinchuasked.tumblr.com. My husband and I live in Hsinchu too and are also looking for English-speaking folks to hang out with, so we would love to get together.

    Maybe we could arrange a time over email? (I think you'll get my email address attached to this message...)

    Hope to talk to you soon!