Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wonderful Fruit.

As part of our contract, we give private English lessons. I currently have a student who is preparing for an upcoming interview that will be in English. Unfortunately, his English is quite basic and he is more interested in "just talking" than covering any of the material I prepare. This past week, we were talking about things in the surrounding area and I mentioned that I liked having the fruit stand nearby. He asked what my favorite fruit was and then asked if I had tried one that he likes. Because of the language barrier, I had NO idea what fruit he was describing. On Monday, he arrived with the English name as well as the scientific name of said fruit. PEACHES! He also brought me a box of Taiwan Peaches to try.

They are delicious. A bit different than those we've had before - they're white inside and not as tart as the average peach. The best part was that they came in this beautiful package that says "Taiwan Peaches" on the outside, however each peach has a sticker that says "from USA." Didn't know you could grow "Taiwan Peaches" in America!! :-)

Another fruit that we've tried recently is Dragon Fruit.

This fruit comes in two types, red and white. Ours happened to be the white variety. They are a soft fruit, similar to a kiwi. Like kiwi, dragon fruit has little black seeds throughout the fruit. It tastes similar to a kiwi as well, quite sweet and watery. Delicious!

Finally, Sugar Cane. Okay, so I know it's not a fruit, but it's a wonderfully sweet treat. At the night market a few weeks ago, we tried our first sip of sugar cane juice. Surprisingly, it's not nearly as sweet as one might think. It's more fruit-like, kind of like a melon juice, but not as sweet.

I'm sure there will be many more interesting fruits...we'll share about them as we try these wonderful creations!

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