Friday, October 2, 2009

Change of plans...

Unfortunately, due to the weather, we will not be taking our original trip this weekend. The typhoon that hit Taiwan about 2 months ago caused some flooding in the mountains that has wiped out a number of roads. As of yet, the roads leading to this quaint little town have not been fixed. Also, there are two typhoons currently out at sea, headed our way. No worries, we are completely save, however the mountains of Taiwan are what help protect the west coast by breaking up the storm and are often hit the hardest. As we're finding, Hsinchu is actually the best place to be during typhoon season! Check out this website to follow the storm. However, because we have the time off and will not in the future, we will still be traveling this weekend. We will be staying to the west coast, but visiting the city of Changhua where the largest Buddha in Asia resides. There are a number of small shops, parks, and even some farms that can be explored - all of which can be done in the rain if it should hit. Looking forward to sharing about out weekend when we return!

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