Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's a small world after all.........

This morning I took the bus into town in search of some much needed sweaters - yes, sweaters! Seems I packed only one and have worn it a number of times already. I figured I should find another before it gets too "chilly" - don't want to say cold, and offend those of you in America, as it will not be nearly as cold this winter as it is there. But none the less, I am in need of a few warm clothes.

So, you know the button you push to tell the driver to stop at the next stop? Well here in Taiwan the bus plays a sort of techno version of "It's A Small World" - something that I've only recently realized. As the song played, over and over on my way into town, I began to think about just how small the world really is.

Here we are thousands of miles from home...but through modern technological conveniences like Skype, can call anyone and it feels like we're next door. I recieved two letters from America - reminding me of how far we've come with communication in the past century - these letters took nearly 10 days to reach me as opposed to the mili-seconds it takes to hear a familiar voice through Skype.

We've been able to keep in touch with a number of friends around the world as well; China, Israel, New Zealand, Denmark, and Hondurus - all expereincing a new culture and life away from home. We feel a connection with these friends, one that brings us closer together and again reminds us that this world is not so big after all.

We are loving Taiwan and all it has to offer....but in the midst of life and adventures we do truely miss our family and friends not just back in America but all around the world. We are comforted by the fact that through this blog, Skype, email, and even snail mail, this world is not so big after all!

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