Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We Made It...

This past weekend, we set out for our first scooter adventure. We had read about a tea museum not far from out city and wanted to check it out. If you haven't already learned, tea is a huge part of the Taiwanese (and many other Asian countries) culture. There are particular ways in which tea is to be prepared, and different teas are drunk for different reasons. With all of this in mind, we downloaded a map and set out.

Our first snag was in locating Baoshin Road, or Baoxan Road, or Baosin Road....see how we could be a bit confused?!? We took the wrong turn nearly 3 times before we backtracked and happened to find the street after Baoshin which was Shuangyuan (again seeing a variety of spelling along the way). This lead us through the beautiful countryside where we saw numerous gardens, rice fields, and a variety of temples and homes. The road eventually spat us out on what we beleived to be the next road in the directions. We began to follow it into town in search of the address of the museum. When we reached the end of the town, we realized that we were actually in the wrong town (Toufen instead of Jhunan). So we wandered around a bit until we saw a sign that said "Central Jhunan ->." Aha, we were finally headed in the right direction, or so we thought.

By this time in was nearing 1pm and our stomachs were telling us to stop and eat. We found a roadside stand and ordered some new eats. Enjoyed them on the steps of a bank along with some tea from 7-11 (I've never shopped so much at a convenience store!). At this point, we decided to just begin the trek back home leisurly, so as to not be out past dark.

Mix and match your choice of ingredients, then the cook throws it all in flour, and deepfrys it! Yummy!
The finished product.

We re-traced our route only to miss our turn out of Toufen and continue on...little did we know that 100ft beyond out turn would be the museum. That's right, we found it...after many miles of traveling out of our way, we indeed were able to visit this museum. It happens to be on the grounds of the Ten Ren Tea factory and there are a number of buildings for tourists to visit. They have 2 restraunts, a tea house/gift shop, a tea stand, and ofcourse the museum. Thankfully much of the museum was in English as well as Chinese.

We spent a few hours wandering around, enjoying some tea in the cool autumn weather. Then we headed home as we were nearing dusk. All in all, we had a wonderful day. We were so very thankful to finally find our destination, but the adventure leading up to it was also wonderful.

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