Sunday, November 29, 2009

Anniversary in Kenting.

To celebrate our first anniversary, Dan and I headed down to Kenting, a small town in southern Taiwan. We had plans to visit Hualien on the East Coast, but the forecast was calling for rain and cold weather so we decided to head south to warmer, sunnier weather.

We woke up early Friday morning and headed to the High Speed Train. The first train left around 6:30am. We boarded and slept for the nearly 1.5 hour trip to Kaohsiung. Then in Kaohsiung we hopped on a bus for another 2 hours headed to the southern most tip of Taiwan. Upon arrival, we found some lunch (it was around 11 when we arrived) and a hotel to dump out things. When getting a room at this hotel, we were given the choice of the Snoopy room or the Hello Kitty room…we chose the Hello Kitty room! (complete with a Hello Kitty painted on the wall in glow-in-the-dark paint!
After dumping our things, we wondered around the town, checked out the beach and the scenery around the town. The beach was nearly deserted and allowed for a number of beautiful shots of the beach and the coral along the coast.

Saturday we awoke early and rented a scooter. We spent our morning at the most southern tip of the island at Kenting National Park, where there are walking paths along the sea and a lighthouse overlooking the Taiwan Strait and the Pacific Ocean.

In the afternoon we scootered to the north side of Kenting and visited another section of Kenting National Park where we were able to do some hiking (okay more like walking as it’s a fairly built up area to accommodate for the number of visitors each year). We wandered around this park, seeing a number of amazing trees, plants, insects, and even some wildlife. We spent the evening watching the sunset and wondering the street market.

On Sunday we were up early for the sunrise and found our way back to Kaohsiung before lunch. There we spent some time exploring the area near the train station before heading back. We had decided to take the Express Train back instead of the High Speed. Unfortunately, this particular train issued tickets with seat assignments and others without seat assignments. We have always been lucky enough to have seats on our tickets, but this time we did not. When we boarded the train, there are seats available, so we sat…but at the first stop, that changed. Dan ended up standing for the nearly 3.5 hour trip while I off and on had a seat.

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