Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

"It's Halloween, It's Halloween!
The moon is full and bright,
and we shall see what can't be seen
on any other night!"

Halloween in Taiwan, is very different than in the US. It is only celebrated through American influence, therefore English schools and a few "Americanized" restaurants, bars, and communities recognize this holiday. Our school participates in an annual Halloween Party, where each class comes up with a Halloween Chant, then we play games and have scavenger hunt throughout the building. The younger students got to go trick-or-treating in the afternoon on Friday. Few students actually dress up for Halloween, some have masks, but the school brings out face paint to liven up the event.

Here are a few of the best costumes...

Tom the Owl

Psychedelic Alien

Drama Queen

Felix the Vampire

Arg...Richard the pirate!

Fairy Wizard?!

Wonderwoman : a.k.a Ivy


Jerry and his swan!

It's all about the creativity....I wasn't able to get a good photo, but the best costume was a little girl wearing the clear plastic back that her new pillow came in over her head- no holes - and saying that she was a ghost!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween....
Superman Dan and

little miss pumpkin!

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  1. Happy Halloween~~~ Jyl decided NOT to Trick or Treat this year - she ran aroudn with Keefer and passed out candy to kids in town - haha - She has had very few seizures lately - her meds are working - (we hope) I love your site and look at it often - we miss you~~
    Love Cindy, Jyl and Jacqi