Friday, November 27, 2009

Quick catch up!

Okay, so I know I'm a little behind. It's been a rough week and we're heading into a much needed relaxing weekend, so hopefully I'll get caught up on the blog.

Two weeks ago, we went into Taipei for the day and got a new camera, it's a Pentax K-X for those of you who are into camera - we're loving the higher quality photos and have two lenses to catch some even better images.

Last weekend we celebrated our First Anniversary with a trip to the southern most tip of Taiwan - Kenting. It was a beautiful trip...we spent the weekend on the beach, in the mountains, and relaxing! (more to come, I promise)

This week, after a major migraine, we decided to find a chiropractor for my neck. After talking with some co-workers, it was suggested that I see a traditional Chinese doctor. This lead to my first acupuncture experience! I met with a doctor and explained where my pain was, then he had me sit on a bed while he stuck 6 needles into my neck, back and hands. I didn't feel a thing!! I was supposed to set with these in for 15 minutes, but after about 4 minutes I began to faint. So they quickly removed the needles and laid me down. Once I was relaxed, I headed to a different part of the office for a massage. The visit ended with a medicine patch to help ease the muscles that were just massaged and was told to come back the next morning for another treatment.

The next morning, I went back, but had a very different experience. The acupuncture was done a little differently, with me lying on my stomach. I even lasted the entire 15 minutes this time! After the massage, they used guasha - which is a form of scraping that is used to surface the heat in the muscles. Finally the visit ended with cupping which is the use of glass cups to create a vacuum and pull the "bad blood" out of the muscle. This massage, guasha, and cupping was much more painful that the first day. And I left looking like this...

Don't worry, it looks much worse that it feels. By the end of the day I was pretty exhausted and tired, but this morning despite the look of it, felt pretty good. From what I have been reading, the bruises will go away quickly and are what they call "good bruises" because they are no longer deep in the muscle! I have one more we'll see how this works!

Check back after the weekend for more updates on our life here in Taiwan.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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