Sunday, December 27, 2009

So this is Christmas...

Merry Christmas from the Far East!

Christmas here in Taiwan has been very different than any Christmas we've ever celebrated. Though some stores decorate and have holiday sales, the majority of the Christmas celebration is limited to that of the English schools; which is little more than an opportunity for students to show their parents their English skills. Due to the lack of festivities and my Scrooge attitude, my wonderful husband created a Christmas tree to display our gifts under...

(yes, you're seeing it correctly! That's a poncho on a broken coat rack with tea bags hung on it!)

Though we had to work on Christmas, we were surrounded by holiday cheer from one another and fellow co-workers. We spend Christmas eve with a group of ex-pats (mostly American and Canadian) enjoying cheese and wine. Then finished the night together opening gifts and calling home. Christmas day we went to our usual Friday morning breakfast and received another gift - free breakfast from the owner! It was a pleasant surprise that cheered me up! In the afternoon I found that classes had been canceled and was able to enjoy some relaxation with Dan before we put on our costumes and became "Mr. & Mrs. Clause!"

Saturday morning I had to work, but we had already planned on heading out of town for the weekend so when I was off, we hopped on the next bus and went downtown to catch the train. We had a beautiful weekend in Tainan and enjoyed relaxing together.

All in all, it was a great Christmas weekend despite not being with family - we miss you all so much!!

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