Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Vacation...or not!

Winter break, or winter 'vacation' as they call it here, doesn't happen until the last few weeks of January. Students are given about a month off of school - the last week being Chinese/Lunar New Year. However, most students really only have the week of Lunar New Year as a true vacation because they attend a cram school from 8-5 each day during the week.

This past week was finals week at school, so they went to their Chinese school Monday Wednesday for finals, then had Thursday and Friday all day at our cram school. This meant that we were to create some sort of end of the year fun activity to do with our students for 3 hours each day!!

Not really understanding what we were to do, I suggested making a piñata - which apparently was the most creative idea they had ever heard and insisted that I do this with my students! Unfortunately, my particular group of students consisted of 18 teenagers, who would rather play cards and chat with their friends than acknowledge my presence, let alone be interested in this thing they've never heard of.

After about an hour of getting them excited to do paper mache, we began to set up the room for three different groups - this ended in complete chaos, as flour paste was being flung everywhere and students were covered! After one layer of paper mache, we headed outside to blow off some steam, and played games the remainder of the day.

I added a few layers to the balloons overnight so that we'd have good piñatas to decorate on day 2, which turned out to be a much better day than the first. Check out some of their creations....
Mr. Snowman
Mr. Happy

Some of the students showing off their piñata!

Unfortunately, the piñata did not want to break, so after each student took a swing, I threw it on the ground for them all to enjoy!

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