Thursday, February 25, 2010

Philippines Part 2

Sorry this has taken me so's been a rough week trying to get back into the swing of things. It's hard to come back from such a relaxing vacation!

These cute little nocturnal monkeys make their home on the island of Bohol. They have become quite a tourist attraction - locals have captured the monkeys and display them at local markets. However, some including the one we visited, have created a natural-like habitat for tourists to see the monkeys as they would be in the wild.

Unfortunately, while we were exploring the Tarsier Center, a bus of Chinese tourists arrived, crowding us out and agitating the Tarsiers. When they left, the guide allowed us to take a few more photos before leaving.

Between the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsiers Center is the small town of Loboc. We ventured through there a few times throughout the day as it's a beautiful, quaint town. There is a large Catholic Cathedral and a river that runs through the middle of town. The locals have done a great job cleaning up the town and used the tourism to their advantage - it's the primary source of income for most.

Here we took a boat back to Nuts Huts - it turned out to be a much more expensive trip than taking the bus and walking, but it was a beautiful ride.

Jungle Hike
Our last day at Nuts Huts began with a jungle hike. Our guide, who lives across the river from Nuts Huts, lead us on a 4 hour hike through the jungle and to a bat cave. Along the way, he shared with us about his family - pointing out his parents, grandparents, siblings, and other relatives homes - he climbed a tree to share with us a fruit we had never heard of...

and took us to a rest house to relax in the shade and enjoy the magnificent views.

Finally, we ended in a nice cool bat cave - I was a little less than enthusiastic about this part of the hike, so I spent the time relaxing in the cave opening while the others ventured down various tunnels. It was a great experience to spend time with a local and learn more about this culture and landscape.

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