Monday, February 8, 2010

Spring has arrived...

...and we're loving it.

This past weekend we celebrated the upcoming New Year with our company at the "Annual End of Year Party." The dress code was black and we got dressed up and walked - in the rain - to the party.

We enjoyed a wonderful buffet of Chinese and Western style foods - though Dan overate and was regretting it later - and received an end of year bonus in a 红包 or red envelope, as well as some wonderful prizes!Like Paul & John's pillows!

Dan won two movie tickets and I won a beautiful purple scarf - very warm, just in time for spring!

In between awarding prizes, there was entertainment....

Performed by the lovely David's English Center Secretaries

Overall it was a good experience!

Sunday we headed to Taipei to visit the National Museum of History to see the van Gogh exhibit. We've been so lucky to have these museums so accessible and affordable, we've seen many exhibits that would otherwise be out of our reach at home. We will definitely be spending more time in Taipei as our friends Susannah and Aaron return from the US.

We've been working hard at our Chinese - with two classes a week now - it's still a struggle at times as we have little opportunity to actually use it, but we're still working!

Dan is still taking a KungFu class, and getting quite good! We've also begun a Tai Chi and Chi Gong class once a week at the park - though I struggle to focus, it's a great way to start the day!

Next week we head to the Philippines for a much needed vacation. We have one week off work for Chinese New Year - the only real holiday many Taiwanese get each year - so we'll be spending it all relaxing on the beach and in the rain forest! Check back in a few weeks as I'm sure we'll have plenty of photos to share!

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