Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mouse Trap.

This morning we woke to a wretched smell in our apartment. Upon further investigation we discovered this....

A few weeks ago, before vacation, I was awakened in the night by a rustling sound in our bedroom. I woke Dan and he began searching the room, following the sound to the underside of the refrigerator. There he found a cute little mouse enjoying a piece of candy that had fallen off the nearby shelf. The movement of the fridge scared the mouse and he fled for cover under our bed! There was no lack of shrieks and shrills from me, so Dan escorted me to the bathroom and said to wait in there while he tried to get it out. A few minutes later he opened the door to hand me all of our sheets and blankets and I saw that he'd turned the bedroom and living room into a massive furniture chute...he had taken clothes and blocked the spaces below our wardrobes and used other furniture to create a path to the door. Unfortunately, the little rascal out-witted him and found the one and only crack in his path, darting directly for cover in our beautiful mound of furniture storage.

When we returned from our vacation, we found that our friendly rodent had chewed through a rug and part of the door in one of the other rooms we have turned into a "den." Being that we live in such a large space, there was no use in trying to find the thing, but we decided that we'd buy a trap and try to catch him. Procrastinators that we are, we've been back a week and have yet to buy a mouse trap. Although, with today's discovery, it seems the mouse trap will not be needed any longer. It's unclear exactly how the mouse died and just how long it's been dead. It was under the couch and had chewed through (and most likely eaten) part of a blanket used as a slipcover so this may have been the cause. Luckily, he didn't find the supply of snacks on the coffee table next to the couch - he must not have been a great climber!

After sharing this story with a few co-workers and our boss, it seems there are some family members hiding out in the school side of our building. There have been droppings found in the teachers lounge and one even ran down the stairs during a parent open house.

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