Saturday, March 20, 2010

Philippines Part 3 (Finally)

It's taken me a while to sift through the many photos we took while on vacation and to motivated myself to write this post. After returning from the Philippines, we were thrust back into the daily grind and finding time to catch up on the blog hasn't happened until now.

After leaving the island of Bohol, we headed to the small island of Siquijor. Our visit to Siquijor was intended to be our first diving experience, however our resort didn't realize that we had never been diving before and did not have a dive instructor on hand. Despite this setback, we had a wonderful time exploring the island by motorcycle and walking the beach.

Here are some highlights...(click on the slide show to see full captions and larger photos)

Our final stop was Manila for the weekend before heading back to Taiwan. We arrived around mid-day and took advantage of the daylight to explore the city. We wondered around to the various cultural sites and through the parks listed in our Lonely Planet guide. The best find was this beautiful cathedral that had been rebuilt 7 or 8 times due to various burnings, bombings, and other disasters, however the front of the church is the original structure - it remained intact throughout each of the disasters and they were able to salvage it during each rebuild.

Dan's only request of our trip to the Philippines was that he got to see a volcano. So on our last day in Manila, we headed south to the Taal Volcano. The ride took about an hour and a half and upon arrival it was nearly noon - the sun high in the sky, not a cloud in sight and no wind to speak of - it was HOT! We took a boat from the main land over to the island where the volcano is then chartered two horses with guides to take us up to the top of the volcano. Throughout the trail, there were numerous openings in the ground releasing steam - adding to our heat. The view from the top was magnificent, the mouth of the volcano is a lake - apparently sulfuric and deep enough that some SCUBA dive in it. While it's an active volcano, it has not had any activity in recent years.

(click on the slide show to see full captions and larger photos)

After about an hour exploring, we headed back to the mainland where we enjoyed some Tilapia - they live and breed quite well in the sulfuric water and because of this are quite healthy for you. Once we had finished our lunch, we made the trek back to Manila via tricycle, jeepney, bus, and subway, not to mention a short walk back to our hostel. That evening we relaxed in the hostel talking with other travelers wishing that our vacation wasn't ending.

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