Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Return to Knitting

Last summer I was a knitting fiend! I worked diligently as we drove around the country and planned for our trip to Taiwan - I was working on a pair of gloves that were to be a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law. They were finished just days before we boarded the plane to Taiwan. Packaged in a nice Christmas bag, they waited in amidst our boxes and bags of belongings packed away in my in-laws house. After arriving in Taiwan I thought little of knitting for many months. The heat and humidity didn't encourage me to wear anything made of wool, let alone knit with it.

It wasn't until the weather started to get cold that I picked up the needles and whipped up a quick hat for Dan. We began looking for some yarn shops, thinking we'd have a plethora to
choose from but were lucky to find one. Unfortunately, this experience led me to hibernate my needles again - what's the point in knitting if you don't have good supplies? But when I found this sweater tee, I began to think I might be able to find some summer tops that I could knit and add to my slim wardrobe here in Taiwan and got motivated! I printed the pattern and headed to the yarn shop near our usual Saturday lunch - “Mr.Toast”, and was able to find this beautiful green yarn and the needles I needed. They weren’t the exact size, but I’m finding that they work just fine.

Day 1: I started knitting on the bus ride to Taipei - the bus ride is an hour each way, so I got a good hour and half of knitting out of it (due to lack of light on the return trip, I didn't get much knitting done!).

Day 3: I’m quite impressed with the progress I’ve made in just 3 days!

After a few days of hardcore knitting, I took a break and did some reading. I needed to put it aside for a bit so that I didn't get bored. When I picked it up again, I worked like a racehorse, it grew so quickly.

Day 8: It's starting to look more like a sweater.

And just two days later...


I have a special "package" arriving in a few weeks that will bring my next knitting project! Until then, I'll enjoy my sweater in what little cool weather we have left for me to wear it; luckily it's short sleeved!!

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  1. Hello! I just stumbled across your blog today (via knitting)--this sweater is great! I love reading about your time in Taiwan. My mother is from there (and I was born there) but because of time/money factors I have traveled to Taiwan very few times and don't know it well at all. So it's very interesting to catch glimpses through your blog. :)