Sunday, June 27, 2010

market experiences.

#96 Flower Power
There is a flower market here in Hsinchu that we would frequent when we first arrived. The flowers and plants were so beautiful - especially the many varieties of orchids. The purchase of our first orchid began as a very successful one. The flowers were beautiful and continued to bloom for nearly 2 months. Then one day a bud started to dry up and soon all the flowers fell off. Although dry and ugly for a few months, the flower seems to be growing a new stem and leaves - there's still some hope for flowers before we leave!

#95 Lobster anyone?
As our first visit to a fish market, we thought it fitting to order some fresh seafood for dinner. None of the restaurants offered menus, just a giant tank in front displaying their "menu" of sorts. We found one that looked promising and decided on lobster. We pointed out which one we wanted, the woman weighed it then ushered us to a table while a young boy took our lobster to the kitchen. Not long after, we were served a steaming bowl of soup and a tray of lobster meat (a very small tray). The soup was actually the remaining lobster - all of it - in a buttery, chicken broth! We fished around for what little meat we could find in the soup. The most surprising part of all was the price. We were at a fish market on the coast - where sea food is plenty, and this little lobster set us back nearly $50US!

94 days.

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