Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy July...

Can't believe it's July already - we've been here 11 months...nearly a year! Tomorrow we complete our first academic year of teaching English and will begin summer camp on Monday. After two months of summer camp, we'll be down to a month left in Taiwan. Crazy how time flies.

Here are some more photos to share.

#93 - Moon Festival Dance

One of our first trips in Taiwan was to Lukang in Changhua county. It has since sustained it's position as one of our favorite places in Taiwan. We were there during Moon Festival Holiday and stumbled upon a parade by accident. It was our first Taiwanese parade (we've been privy to many MANY more since) and we were able to see up close and personal the costumes and dances. These costumes are housed in the local temples, so we had seen them before, but not actually worn until now. Each costume (like the one above) is a different god - different costumes used for different special days.

#92 - Nine Turns Alley

One of our favorite places in Lukang was Nine Turns Alley. The brick alley literally winds its way through town crossing a few major streets along the way. It is lined with beautiful homes and shops tucked into it's turns. We had fun just wandering through the turns which were created as a way to block the ocean breeze and the sand it carried with it.

91 days to go...

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