Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bye Bye Bali

Sitting on the beach one last time before heading to our next destination--Malaysia!

It's been a great week in Bali but a week is much too little to spend here. We were reminded of this often when people asked how long we were staying and when we said a week they would reply with a shocked "so short!!!". Yes we realize that a week is "so short," but when there is so much to see, you can only stay in one place for a short time.

While here, we visited Ubud, a fairly large village near the middle of Bali. We stayed at a nice little homestay set away from the main stretch and much of the touristy areas. Ubud is very touristy, so it was hard to avoid it all together but we did our best. While there we each took an art class. Mine was traditional Batik, which is similar to tie dye, but using wax to make a design or drawing first. It took about 4 hours and was located on this quiet family compound. I turned out to be the only student, so I got extra attention and was able to chat with the teacher while my piece dried. Dan took a wood carving class where he learned techniques in carving as well as carved a small turtle. Unfortunately, the turtle was too heavy to bring along. I know he looks forward to carving more things once we get home.

Also in Ubud, we rented bicycles and cycled to a "nearby" village to see a famous temple. The village ended up being about 3 hours away, the road having a slight incline the whole way. Once there we only had about 10 minutes to look around for fear of not having enough day light to get back. We headed back and were happy to ride down hill most of the way. Unfortunately a storm brought early dark and we got a little turned around, but not until we had returned to Ubud. Though stressful at times due to traffic and weather-not to mention a very difficult ride- it was a pleasant trip.

After Ubud, we headed to Candidasa where we spent two quiet days at an ashram, participating in yoga, meditation and prayer. Our bungalow was directly on the beach and offered a pleasant breeze along with fantastic views.

Finally, we ended up here in Sanur..while the Lonely Planet aptly nicknames it "Snore," we were able to find plenty to keep us busy for a few days. Walks along the beach and around nearby Turtle Island were both interesting and cheap!

Today we saw an anazing sunrise and went for a sailboat ride out to the reef, where we went snorkeling. A great end to a great week.

It's been a truely relaxing and wonderful trip thus far. We're excited to see what the next stop has to offer!

Until next time...

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