Friday, October 15, 2010

In Transit.

Today is Day 16.  We're in Railay, Thailand where we've been relaxing on the beach and sea kayaking.  Unfortunately, it's monsoon season, so our time outside has been limited by the torrential rain storms.  But we can't complain, we have a nice little bungalow, set in away from the beach where we've been able to relax and read in our hammock on our porch.  We've decided to stay an extra few days as it's so beautiful and peaceful here. 

Before coming to Thailand, we spent a few days in Kuala Lumpur.  Here, our dislike of cities was reiterated, after a few days we were ready to move on.  Kuala Lumpur, the capitol of Malaysia, is a nice city, but much smaller than we had expected (using only our Lonely Planet Guide as a reference).  The Petronas Towers were beautiful, and we saw some amazing Mosques.  Overall, it's a beautiful city and offers much in the way of food and shopping.  The recently built MRT system is quite efficient and clean, so travel around the city was easy. 

Our departure from KL to Thailand was by train.  We took an overnight train leaving KL at 9:30pm and each had a sleeping berth.  Luckily we were able to sleep much of the night and awoke in time for the border crossing where we had to get off the train with all our things and go through customs and immigration - no sweat!  Unfortunately, the trip did not end there and we had to wait an hour while all passengers did this process before loading up the train again and making the final 3 hour trip to Hat Yai.  There we took a minibus to Krabi (another 4 hours or so) and finally a 15 minute longtail boat to Railay, where we've been for the past 4-5 days (can't quite remember what day it is or the day of the week!).

We've deviated a bit from our original plan a bit and are playing it by ear from here.  We are loving Thailand and don't want to leave until we've seen all we want to see.  We'll keep you posted along the way as to where we're going and where we've been!  Until then...

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