Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sight seeing in Singapore

Singapore has been just what we needed after a long and stressful last week in Taiwan.

There are basically two things to do in Singapore...
"shop 'till you drop" OR "eat your heart out"
And since we're not really into the first, we spent put day wandering around the city between meals.

Our hostel is located on a pedestrian only street that leads up to this beautiful Mosque, which is where we began our walk.

Next we ventured into "Little India.". We're both really excited about visiting India so this was a nice taste of what we'll find when we get there. The streets are lined with fabric shops selling the most beautiful Saree fabrics I've ever seen. Between the fabric shops you can find restraints serving every kind of Indian food imaginable. We enjoyed some wonderful vegetable baryani before heading to Chinatown.

Chinatown was basically a massive night market. We were soon bored with the same things we'd seen numerous times at Taiwanese markets and decided to head back for a nap.

For dinner, we went to Lau Pa Sat market which has a famous Satay street.  Delicious!  It was a fun atmosphere of hawkers bidding for our business.  They close down the street on Saturday nights and set up tables and was nice to eat under a darkening sky and cool breeze.

Our night ended with a stroll along the harbour and some beautiful night scenes.

Today we're taking it easy, reading and relaxing until our flight to Bali this evening.  Singapore has been nice - it's a beautiful and clean city, but doesn't offer us a lot to do.  I can't complain though, after the stressful week we had last week, it's been refreshing to not feel pulled in a million directions.
Hope all are well.

Until next time...

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