Monday, January 17, 2011

Feels like home to me...

Hard to believe, but two months ago today we were stepping off a plane and onto American soil for the first time in 15 months.  So much has changed in our lives in the past 4 months, we often find ourselves shocked by how fast life has moved and how much has happened these past few months home.

Life is slowing down a bit and we're feeling quite settled into our new lives.  For those of you who we haven't seen, here's a little run down of our past two months...

Nov 17 ~ Arrival from Southeast Asia in Baltimore, Maryland
Nov 18 ~ Welcome home party with the Ankneys and friends
Nov 21 ~ Drive to Indiana
Nov 22 ~ Sign paperwork at Sweetwater and secure apartment in Fort Wayne
Nov 25 ~ Thanksgiving with the Cripes and family
Nov 27 ~ Meet up and hang out with college friends in Indianapolis
Nov 28 ~ Celebrate my brother's 23rd birthday!
Nov 29 ~ Drive back to Pennsylvania
Nov 30 - Dec 4 ~ Work on getting car registered, tagged and inspected so we can legally drive
Dec 5 ~ Visit Market Square and AWE friends in Harrisburg
Dec 7 ~ Back to Harrisburg to visit with friends
Dec 8 ~ Pick up UHaul, load and drive 1/2 way to Indiana
Dec 9 ~ Drive the rest of the way to Indiana and unload
Dec 10-12 ~ Much needed relaxation and setting up house
Dec 13 ~ Both start new jobs
Dec 18 ~ Work on getting 2nd car up and running
Dec 23 ~ Drive back to Pennsylvania
Dec 24-25 ~ Christmas with the Ankneys
Dec 26 ~ Drive back to Indiana
Dec 27 ~ Puppy MeiMei joins our little family!!
Dec 28 ~ Rachel comes to visit - Thanks friend!
Jan 1 ~ Christmas with the Cripes and my brother gets engaged to his longtime girlfriend Marissa - Welcome (officially) to the family!
Jan 2 ~ Attempt to attend a new church in town, only to find out we're an hour late for service; instead took puppy to a new park for the afternoon!
Jan 7 ~ Got some furniture to fill our living more sitting on the floor!
Jan 8 ~ Sweetwater's Annual Holiday Gala - our first social outing and a great excuse to get dressed up and enjoy some wonderful food.
Jan 8-9 ~ Ashley, Travis, & Jules visit - lots of fun, thanks for the puppy play date!
Jan 9 ~ Pick up 2nd car
Jan 11 ~ Finally have 2nd car running and legal & Jess interviews for 2 jobs [fingers crossed]
Jan 14 ~ MeiMei's first check up - passes with flying colors!
Jan 16 ~ Took Josh & Marissa's engagement photos - Check back soon for some pictures as I have time to edit.

Whew...seems exhausting when you list it all out!  We sure do live one crazy life - but we love every minute of it!

I promise I'll get to posting the rest of our Southeast Asia pictures and some more recent photos.  Hopefully this spring I'll be better about keeping up with the blog.

Until next time...

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