Monday, March 7, 2011


I can't believe it's been nearly a month since our last post!  Our life has finally slowed down and we're in a comfortable routine.  I'm currently working part time as a Special Ed Preschool teacher here in Fort Wayne and Dan has been on his permanent schedule since the middle of January - working 12-9 Tues-Fri and 9-6 Sat.  We enjoy spending our mornings together as I teach the afternoon class of my preschool.  I'm finding other ways to keep myself busy - cooking & cleaning, sewing and quilting, and I've recently become a Thirty-One Gifts consultant.  All of that pretty much fills my time I'm home alone in the evenings - oh, and the many potty breaks for the dog!!  Mei Mei is growing so fast....she's nearly 20lbs now!  She is such a blessing as we often spend time at home alone while the other is at work.  We have been able to teach her a few tricks.

The snow has finally melted, though we're not holding out for Spring just yet, you never know!  It's been a crazy winter here in Indiana, LOTS of snow, ice, & rain.  Currently there is a lot of flooding & over flowing rivers in the area.  However, now that we can finally see the ground, we're hoping that the housing market begins to grow.  We've been keeping out eyes peeled, but the right place hasn't come along just yet.  So for now, we're dreaming!  We're so anxious to have a house and property of our own, but know that this isn't something we can just jump into.  Everyday we talk about all the things we'd like to have SOMEDAY!  Dreaming is fun!  Hopefully soon, we'll be able to make some of those dreams reality.

Today we're off to look at another house {fingers crossed} and then a few hours of work for me and an evening spent relaxing together!  Hope all are enjoying the hints of Spring, even if they don't stick around for long.

Until next time...dream on...