Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Change is good!

Do you remember what the kitchen used to look like?

We decided to tear out the cabinets and take a look at the wall underneath...

Then we thought we'd get rid of the wall all together.

Last night we thought we'd move the door...

So here's our kitchen now!

And a view from the outside.



It's a slow road, but we're loving it!

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I found my garden.

Now that we have a house, we wanted to quickly get a garden in place so that we could enjoy at least a few vegetables this summer.  My parents started some seedlings this spring and had extra tomatoes and peppers, so we started with those.  Thanks Mom & Dad!

We decided to do a raised bed because the ground is quite wet, and even more so after the past few weeks of rain.  I found bricks that were used to decorate an old overgrown flower bed to create the bed.  Right now the sides are only 2 bricks high because I didn't think I'd have enough to make a third row, but we've found LOTS of bricks scattered all over the property - in very odd places!  Thanks pervious owners!

Behind the bed is a large mound of dirt.  Who knows why it was there to begin with, but over the two years to house has sat dormant it's become very overgrown and blended in with the yard.  I hated it!  But it has worked out nicely as a good [close] source of fill dirt.  Unfortunately it's full of clay, but on the other side of the driveway we found a pile of old mulch.  These two mixed together with a few grass clippings created a nice fill for our lovely tomatoes and peppers.   Thanks, again, previous owners! 

The plants are hard to see in these photos, but once the grass clippings dry up, I'll hopefully be able to get some better pictures.  I also have a few more plants - seedlings we've been working on here in the apartment - that I hope to get in the ground this morning.

Free plants, free bricks, & free dirt....not bad for a first garden! 

*Oh and we have an abundance of lovely raspberry bushes all around our house - can't wait to enjoy those delicious fruits soon!!!