Thursday, July 7, 2011

Coming together for the 4th!

*I know it's a few days late, but I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th!

This past weekend Dan's family was able to make the trip out to visit.  It was so great to get to spend time with his parents, as well as his sister and her boyfriend.  We rarely are all together except maybe one holiday a year, so this was a real treat for everyone!

With all the help, we were able to make quite a dent in some big projects around the house.

Dan and his dad spent much of the weekend figuring out the plumbing, and I now have plumbing to the new location for the sink in the kitchen.  Though I have yet to get the faucet and hook it all up, it feels great to have the water lines ready!  Also, they finished setting up my washer and dryer - so no more laundromat trips!  

Kristin & Andrew did an awesome job at putting together all our kitchen cabinets.  Last weekend, my mom and I took a trip to Ikea in Detroit, Michigan, and came home with most of our kitchen cabinets.  If you've ever purchased Ikea furniture, you know that it can be quite a headache to put together...but they did a fantastic job.  Here's a little sneak peak...
Though it's hard to tell in the picture, that's the black fridge.
All appliances are black and the cabinets are a very light birch.
Dan's mom and I spent most of the weekend outside cleaning up the garden and flowers.  Our biggest accomplishment was cleaning up the flower bed in the front of the house....

I'm so excited to finally have a clean slate to begin my own flower bed.  Hopefully next spring it'll look like a whole different place!  We were also able to clean up my garden and add a beautiful strawberry patch, thanks to my father-in-law.

A few days before their visit, I bought some day-lilies that were way discounted because they weren't looking the greatest, so we took some time and planted those as well.  I chose to put them around the base of a tree in the front yard to add some color to that part of the yard.

There are a ton more of these beauties around the property that I'm hoping to transplant this fall...can't wait to see them all in bloom next spring!

Because of all this clean up, I'd started a compost pile, but it wasn't contained very well.  My mother--in-law helped to move these "gorgeous" cinderblocks to create a walled area for my compost.

My father-in-law suggested that I chop things up smaller to speed up the composting process.  In doing so, I was excited to see that the bottom layer had already started to compost.  The pile is much tidier now that I've chopped things up...I'm excited to use this in my garden this fall!

Though the pictures are few, the projects accomplished and the catching up with family was abundant!

We're so thankful for the time we got to spend together - wish we lived closer to one another!  Thanks for all the help on the house!!!  

Until next time...

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