Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer's Bounty.

I wish I could take credit for growing these beauties...but I cannot.  They're the product of a wonderful trip to the local farmers market.

Salomon Farm sets up a farmers market each Wednesday from 4pm-7pm.  This was my first trip to this market and I was pleasantly surprised by the variety - and most of all the prices!  Here's a rundown of what I came home with...
1/2lb. baritone green beans   $1.00
2lbs. red potatoes                 $6.00
6 ears sweet corn                  $2.00
8 peppers                              $1.00
2 eggplant                              $2.50
fresh bread made with spelt   $6.00
grand total =========== $18.50  

Pretty excited about tonight's dinner... not to mention the dinners for the rest of the week.  Looking forward to another trip next Wednesday - much more fun than a trip to Meijer for groceries!  Maybe I'll see you there! 

Until next time...

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  1. Hi Jess and Dan,

    I really enjoy following you guys on this blog:-)
    We are also currently renovating our new home. It's great!
    Fortunately we have been able to start a small vegetable garden. Peter gets exited every single time we get some of the carrots he (i helped;-)) planted in the spring:-)
    I'm still sad that we didn't get to meet you Jess, when we visited back in 2008. Hopefully there will be a next time:-)
    Hugs Katrine from Denmark