Sunday, September 18, 2011

moving forward.

*This was written well over a week ago - but I'm just now sitting down to add photos and didn't see the point in rewriting it!

Life can feel like a catch 22 sometimes....we want it to go faster, then slower...we're always waiting for the next thing, but when it arrives, we still aren't satisfied and therefore look toward the next thing!  This reminds me of the way the Chinese refer to things in the future.  In reference to something 2weeks out, they'd say "next, next week", 3 weeks out = "next, next, next week".  Today I feel like the to-do list has gotten so long that I am looking forward to next, next, next year! (hoping that the majority of the home improvements will be taken care of in that time frame)

To be honest, things are moving rather quickly here, whether we like it (we do right now) or not (and we don't too!).  I've already been in school three weeks!  It's flown by, but I'm feeling more and more comfortable in my position every day.  I love my kids, and look forward to seeing them each day - they've already made such progress.  On the flip side, it's already September, and with the new month has come cool (even cold) weather.  There have been nights when our fleece blanket and comforter has left us shivering in the middle of the night!!  We've found that by closing the windows, we're actually trapping in the cold air...we get so little direct sunlight that the air in the house doesn't warm up with the outside air during the day.  This has left us feeling pressure to get our attic and basement fully insulated.  Also, our furnace isn't working yet...which could be a major issue if the temperatures decided to drop below freezing!  Fingers crossed, the repairman who is coming to look at it on Monday will have a quick fix!

Okay, enough about logistics...the KITCHEN!  If you've been following our pictures on facebook, this is probably the last image of our kitchen you've seen...

This was in fact the end of our work day last Saturday...we continued to spend countless hours on the kitchen Sunday AND Monday (so thankful for a real 3-day weekend together!)  By the end of the weekend, this is what the kitchen looked like...

...and these are the best parts!

No more dishes in the bathtub!!!

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  1. Great progress!! You'll finish, hang in there!. :)