Monday, November 14, 2011

in case you've been wondering.

Mei Mei is making progress!  

For those of you who are out of the loop:
2 weeks ago(11/1), our precious pup was hit by a car.  Dan took her straight to the vet (where our neighbor Jackie works) and they checked her out.  She was cold, breathing shallow, bleeding a whole lot, and unconscious.  As they warmed her and began to stabilize her breathing they did an x-ray of her chest and found that she was having difficulty breathing due to air in her chest cavity making it impossible for her lungs to expand fully. After the vet removed the air, her breathing became more steady and rhythmic.  Her other injuries were all located on her head, but due to swelling it was difficult to treat.  They kept her over night on an IV to keep her hydrated for the first couple of days.

On Thursday(11/3), seeing that the swelling was not going down, they spoke with a specialist at Purdue who suggested a a medication to help reduce swelling in the brain.  We began administering this on Friday, and saw the swelling nearly reduce entirely by Sunday(11/6 Mei Mei's 1st birthday!) - but Mei Mei was still unconscious.  After talking with the Vet, we decided to bring Mei Mei home on Sunday evening and monitor her ourselves.  They sent us home with an IV to keep her hydrated and we began attempting to feed her.  We started with meat broth - we'd wipe it on her nose and lips and she'd lick it up.  Over time we tried more - pieces of meat and soft food.  Still unconscious, but getting some food!

On Friday(11/11), she woke up!  She opened both eyes and began making movements on her own.  It seems that she is now hearing (before we were unsure if there was hearing loss) and she's responding to her name.  She still has a long road to recovery, but we have hope!

Her injuries are internal, so it's unclear how severe they are.  One of her eyes seems to be "chipped" while the other is on the side with the most injuries and rarely opens without assistance.  She had a cut on the top of her head that is healing, but there might be a scull fracture underneath as it looks as though it sinks compared to the other.

Right now, we're optimistic - we love our Mei Mei and can't imagine life without her!  Keep praying as there's a long road ahead of us, but she's a strong pup and a fighter!

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