Sunday, December 11, 2011

back to the house...

It's been a while since I've posted about our progress on the house.  With November being so busy, we spent very little time focused on the house.   However, over the past few weeks we've been able to make some headway.

One of the big projects that we've been working on is the pantry - which is now COMPLETE!  It was pushed back a little when we decided to sand the popcorn off the entire ceiling....figured we'd make a big mess before trying to put up our new doors.  But, at last, it's done, and I'm now able to hide all that clutter!

if you'll remember WAY back...this is the original kitchen and pantry.

And the pantry just two months ago...a big gaping hole...

Amazing how it's changed, in just 6 months!

Once the pantry was finished we headed into the bathroom...because the flooring will continue from the kitchen into the bathroom we figured we should do some of the bigger jobs before installing the floor.  

So last weekend, when Dan had a normal weekend with me, we decided to tackle the bathroom remodel.  We began by pulling off the old floorboards and molding as well as the old vanity (we were planning to refinish it but found a great deal on a new vanity and mirror that it just seemed like a better idea than spending the time to make the old one look good!). 

We ran into a little snag with the old mirror/medicine cabinet that was built into the wall - we hunted for a replacement but could not find one to fit the hole and look good!  So we decided to cover it up and hang our new mirror there without a medicine cabinet (there's a decent sized closet inside the bathroom for storage).  This, unfortunately meant that the job (which they do in a weekend on TV!) was going to take much longer.  Dan carefully covered the hole from the medicine cabinet - matching up the depth of the drywall and old plaster was not an easy task...then we spent the week mudding and sanding (again!).  

This weekend I painted the walls and we installed the new vanity and mirror...even though it's not completely finished, check out this drastic change...

Try to ignore the hideous will soon change! =)

Without knowing we created more space in our little bathroom...the new vanity is significantly more shallow but wider, so though it seems to take up more space, it actually gives us much more room to move about the bathroom.

Can't wait until it's finished, but for now we can once again use our bathroom sink and I can get ready in the bathroom rather than on my bedroom floor in the morning! =)

Until next time...


  1. Your hard work on the house is incredible! You guys are the most handy people we know!! Great job. Things are looking gorgeous. Aaron and I hope we can come visit y'all someday :)

  2. The purple/green combination made me smile and giggle, but your color palette is much classier! :)

    - Rachel L