Friday, December 30, 2011

the past 365 days

trained a puppy.

did my frist photography shoot. {J}

got a job. {J}

quit a job. {J}

got another job. {J}

ran our first 5K together.

made my first quilt. {J}

made a second quilt for a friend. {J}

got snowed in.

planted a garden from seed.

spent months looking at houses.

bought a house.

packed up again.

moved across town.

lots of cleaning. cleaning. and more cleaning.

started to unpack.

gutted a kitchen.

designed a kitchen.

grew our first garden.

ate lots of homemade tomato sauce from our garden.

went over a month without a stove.

cooked on our grill.  a lot.

mowed our lawn at least 10 times {with a push mower}

rewired 1/2 the house. {D}

still without electricity in part of the house.

moved the plumbing for the sink. {D}

uninstalled and reinstalled back door.

installed 7 new windows.

visited Ikea 5 times.

built kitchen cabinets.

installed kitchen cabinets.

mud & sand. mud & sand. mud & sand.  too many hours.

went through 10 gallons of paint.

bought new stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer.

installed stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer.

got a full time job. {J}

did two more photo shoots. {J}

planted berries.

made saurkraut from scratch.

watched my little brother get married.

took lots of walks in the our woods.

cleaned out our flooded basement.

laughed until I cried.

cried until I was unconscious.

worked too much.

vegged out often.

watched hours and hours of 'Big Love'.

celebrated our 3rd anniversary.

stood by our friends as their marriages fell apart.

changed our eating habits.

cheated on our eating habits.

nearly lost our puppy.

nursed our pup back to health.

had a car accident.

didn't have to pay to get car fixed.

gutted a bathroom.

designed a bathroom.

installed new sink in bathroom.

drove the to PA for Christmas.

left my car keys in PA. 
found my keys a week later in the bottom of a bag yet to be unpacked.

enjoyed my first ever winter break as a teacher. {J}

more cleaning.

more unpacking.

drove miles and miles to visit family and friends.

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