Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time well spent.

Totally put 1276 miles on this gal...
my lovely '97 Civic
209,010 miles and still chuggin' on!
over the past few days, and plan on putting a few hundred more on before heading back to work.

{great perk of being a teacher!}

While in PA we were able to visit friends from Harrisburg, Saxton, and even made a few trips down to Hagerstown to see friends from Maryland and Virginia.  On the drive out we stopped to have lunch with a friend in Ohio and this week will meet up with friends from South Carolina, Washington, and right here in Indiana.  Thanks to all those who made time in their busy schedules to meet up with us!

What a wonderful way to spend the holiday season!  Hope you're enjoying your time off {hope you get at least some!}  and time spent with family and friends!


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