Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sugar Detox Challenge // week one.

Sounds kind of scary doesn't it?

After stumbling upon this 8-week challenge back in November it's been the topic of conversation with a friend of mine.  We both considered the amount of sugar in our diets and decided that we'd try it together.  Since we knew we'd struggle to start this challenge through the holidays, we decided to begin the challenge January 1st as a symbolic start to the new year.

The premise of the challenge is to slowly rid your body of sugar, and identify the source of "cravings".  This past weeks challenge has been to purge and avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup {HFCS}.  To be honest this week hasn't been as much of a challenge for me as we've been pretty conscious of avoiding HFCS in the things we have been eating over the past year.  However, now I'm even MORE aware of the ingredients in things like snacks and desserts.     There was little in my pantry or fridge with HFCS, but we ended up eating out a lot more this week than expected due to our kitchen under construction and that meant being a little more careful in the items I ordered.  Also, I usually share in the community coffee at school and dump loads of coffee creamer in it...and yes, it has to most of the syrups added to specialty coffees at coffee shops.

While taking a break from the mess of a kitchen, Dan and I headed to Starbucks for some hot drinks.  I usually order a mocha or some variation of it, however this time I opted for a spiced chai latte, made with milk and Chai Black Tea concentrate - which is made with only natural sugars like honey and maple syrup [depending on brand].  This has been my drink of choice this week as we headed to the grocery after and bought some for the week {the register spit out a coupon for another container, so I stocked up today!}.

Over all it's been a pretty easy challenge so far, I've taken a little more notice of the things I eat on a regular basis and have noticed I am drinking much more water.  I know the challenge will get harder over the coming weeks as we cut out thinks like refined grains and sugars, and eventually limit natural sweeteners.  I may not make it all the way through, but for now I feel like it's a good challenge and learning experience as I am more aware of the chemicals I'm putting into my body each time I grab a handful of those delicious M&Ms!

Next week: Whole grains.


  1. Go girl! Simon and I have been on a new eating plan/lifestyle change. We're doing the Primal Blueprint (go to Eliminates sugars, ALL grains, and anything processed. Basically, we eat meat and veggies and dairy. ...and we're transitioning some purchases to just organic. I feel great!!! Be ready for some headaches if you go cold-turkey on the sugar. :) Keep it up!

  2. That's pretty intense! We researched the Paleo diet - it's just a little too extreme for us, Dan loves his carbs and occasionally sweets {and it's not like he needs to watch his weight!}. How long have you been doing your new eating plan? I'd love to chat about it!

  3. Wow, you rock!
    I was once on a sugar-detox. (unfortunately a couple of years after I'm back to square one:-/)
    But it CAN be done. And you WILL feel terrific. The first 21 days are the hardest. After that you don't feel you "need" it anymore. You only, as you pointed out, need to watch out when you visit restaurants and people not on a detox:-) Good luck!
    Hugs from Katrine (Denmark)

    Ps. Say hi to Dan!