Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sugar detox challengs // weeks two & three

week two.  whole wheat.
These past two weeks have been much more challenging than the first.  When I buy bread I always buy whole wheat - checking the ingredients to be sure it truly is whole wheat.  However, this year I've set a goal to make 40 {different} breads.  Finding recipes for "whole wheat" bread is easy, but rarely are these recipes entirely whole wheat.  In an attempt to stick to my challenge, I made variations to some of my favorite bread recipes in an effort to make a truly whole wheat bread.  Unfortunately, I learned, the hard way, that whole wheat flour does not function in the same way as white flour.  The bread was much dryer and more dense using only whole wheat flour.  I read that if you add vital wheat gluten it helps to give the bread a more flexibility and maintain moisture.  I'm thinking my next few breads are going to be an experiment of sorts to find just the right consistency for us - maybe there will be a little white flour in it - but I'm okay with that!

week three.  no dessert.
"Does a shake that comes before my meal count as a dessert?"
I've never been much of a dessert eater....if it's there, I'll eat it, but I don't crave dessert with a meal.  I sometimes want a snack in the evening, but usually it's a salty snack, not sugary.  BUT, this week was different.  It seemed every meal I finished, I craved a sweet finish; before bed, I wanted chocolate!
You always want what you can't have!!
I admit, I gave in a few times, accepting a small piece of chocolate from the office assistant, enjoying a shake with my meal at Steak & Shake, a chocolate chip cookie when I got home from work.  It's been a rough week with lots of cravings for something super sweet, but I have found that if I keep LOTS of fruit on hand, I at least have an alternative when those cravings hit.  My new favorites are red raspberries and blueberries, I've eaten them like candy this week!

next week will be the hardest of refined sugar!

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