Tuesday, February 7, 2012

finding motivation

After Phyllis commented on our blog last week, I stumbled upon this video she recommended on her blog.  Since we were both home last night, we decided to "veg out" and check it out.

If you're at all interested in the whole "Real Food" movement it's a must see.  It's an inspirational story of two men with an autoimmune disorder that was running their lives...they were highly medicated and lacked a healthy lifestyle.  Through this documentary you see their amazing transformation and their inspiration to others through a "Reboot Juice Fast." 

The video has inspired both of us to include more nutrient-rich foods in our diet.  Though we feel we've been eating a very balanced diet of late {with the occasional treat}...the amount of nutrients in the foods we're consuming could be a whole lot higher.  

We're looking to borrow a juicer from friends or family to try for a few weeks to see if juicing is something for us - I don't think either one of us would benefit from a long-term "Reboot Juice Fast" like the men in this film, but a short-term cleanse can't hurt.

We shall see.

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