Saturday, February 25, 2012


Usually, I spend my Saturday mornings at the grocery, along with 1/2 the city.
Not this week.

Today I slept in, took my time getting up and around, and am now relaxing at home, with nothing on my schedule!

All because this was delivered Thursday...

It's our first delivery from Green Bean Delivery.

 Just look at all those wonderful fruits and veggies.

All of this for just $35 - it's organic, local(ish) *all grown in the US, ripe, and delivered right to my door.  Not to mention coming in this reusable box and packaging.

The eggs were an addition to the Fruit, Vegetable, and Grocery bin, which changes with the seasons.  You can set up a weekly or biweekly delivery choosing from a variety of sizes and have the option of substituting items you may not want (either don't like, won't use, or already have!?)

I just love seeing all these fruits on my counter every morning - not to mention being able to just grab one when I need a snack.

Already looking forward to next week's bin!


  1. I'm so mad they don't deliver where we live. :) But I pinned it so that I can remember it in case we ever move to a delivery area. Thanks!

    1. I was really surprised to find that they deliver where we are (we're outside city limits). I only plan on doing it until June, when our local farmer's market opens and we start getting some of our own produce. In my research, I found another organization called The Fruit Guys ( They don't seem to be as customizable, but they offer just as great (maybe even more) products. Good Luck! Also, how's your new eating going?