Tuesday, February 14, 2012

what knot to do...

start a crocheting project without the sufficient materials!

I started this blanket a few weeks ago hoping to use some beautiful alpaca yarn I bought this fall at the Johnny Appleseed Festival.  Unfortunately, when I decided to roll the skeins into a ball I had tossed the tag telling me the exact length, so I had nothing to tell me whether or not these yarns would be enough to make this particular project.

Oh well.  I'll wing it.  I decided to just go for it and would find a random similar color to create a chunky stripe on one side if I ran out.  I also opted for the baby blanket size vs. the throw blanket, hoping that by doing the smaller pattern I'd have enough yarn.

Now that I've run out, I'm kind of regretting this decision.

I LOVE the blanket, but it's not finished!

I LOVE the colors and the stripe pattern.

Yesterday I decided to get online and see what I could find to finish with.  I browsed Etsy for a while, ohhing and ahhing over the fabulous natural alpaca available, but nothing seemed to quite fit. {I'm also a little picky in my yarn selections}

With no success on Etsy, I headed to google and stumbled upon The Loopy Ewe.  Instant love.  They seem to have all things yarn - patterns, kits, roving, and of course beautiful yarn!  They even had the handspun natural alpaca yarn I've been looking for. Check them out here.

I found two colors that I think are close.  They are each look to be nearly double of what I've already used for the blanket, so worse-case-scenario : I start over and have enough to actually finish the blanket with the new yarn and unravel the current blanket for a future project.

For now, the blanket is on hold - although not forgotten.  I look at it daily, loving the lines and texture...can't wait to finish it!

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  1. I have had my own experience with running out of yarn mid-project, so I feel your pain! A couple of options for you to consider:
    —Check Ravelry.com for matching yarn. It's a free online community (at last count, 1.4 million members) of people who knit and crochet. Members can catalogue their yarn stashes and indicate if they're wiling to sell or trade their stuff, so there's a chance you can find someone there who has more of the yarn you need. Also, the forums there are very active and helpful, so maybe you could post about your situation. I would not be surprised if the person who made your yarn saw your post.
    —If you can't get an exact match to the yarn, consider using what you've already crocheted as the center strip for the blanket and putting something completely different (different in color but the same weight) on either side of it.

    Good luck!