Saturday, March 17, 2012

diy upholstered headboard

A while back I shared our new headboard with you...

A few months ago we bought a new mattress and frame.  I knew at some point I wanted to try my hand at upholstering a headboard for it, but had yet to find the right style.  If you remember, I started with a bit of a bird theme, with lots of colors.
I still love the curtains and plan on using them for the spare room when we get to decorating in there {along with that fun pillow}.

But after a trip to IKEA, I found these great curtains that I thought would work beautifully with my bedding and make a great headboard!  So I went for it...and LOVE it!

*quilt batting &/or foam
*spray adhesive
*staple gun
 First, cut your plywood to size - ours is about 3'x5' - I wanted it to be the same width as the matress, but you could make it wider if you wanted.
 Using spray adhesive, glue foam and batting to plywood - the spray I used needed to be applied pretty heavily to stick, consider doing outside or near a window as it can smell pretty bad.

Ensuring that it's all stuck together well!

Next, wrap sides of batting around edges and staple - be careful not to pull as the batting will stretch and lose its thickness.  Gently wrap and staple

Then do the same with the fabric - this time pulling tight to create an upholstered look.  Take note of your pattern when doing this!!  Because my pattern is essentially stripes, we wanted to be sure it was as straight as possible.  We started with one long side in the center, pulling tight and stapling where we wanted.  Then worked our way to either end stapling ever 6-8", then went back and stapled every couple of inches to keep it from having a rippling effect.

This project can definitely be done alone, but having a helper is great when you want to step back and check your work - see the lines at the top, would not have gotten it that straight without having a partner!

Once the long sides were finished, we laid the board down and trimmed the edges - unfortunately because it took both of us to get the fabric tight and to lay just so, we didn't get any pictures of the corners.  Essentially, you want to create a boxed corner like you might wrap a gift.  You can do this by folding the point in and stapling on either end, then fold the entire length of the side in and stapling.  I suggest starting in the middle when you do this to keep it as straight as possible.

Remember - no one is going to see the back, you don't need to make it look pretty!  Just ensure that the fabric is stapled all the way through to the wood!

At this point you could hang it on the wall above your bed by finding two {maybe even three} studs and using brackets.  We opted to add legs to ours using some scrap 2'x4's we had.  

The finished product!

Easy as that!  All in all, the project only took about 2 hours start to finish {that's including cutting the plywood to size}.  It was so easy, and I love the finished product, I'm thinking I just might have to do another one for the spare bed.

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