Saturday, March 24, 2012

the journey home.

Few people know that two years ago, we were in the midst of the lengthy application process to become Peace Corps Volunteers.  We both had dreamt of joining the Peace Corps for a number of years - moving to Taiwan was kind of a trial run for us in living abroad together.  While in Taiwan, we decided that the Peace Corps was indeed the next adventure for us.  As we left Taiwan we were told by Peace Corps that we'd be moving to the Caucuses region in Eastern Europe sometime in April '11.  We planned on staying with our parents for the holidays and possibly getting part time jobs while we waited for our departure...we had it all sorted out by the time we left Taiwan.

Or so we thought.

While traveling through Southeast Asia, we learned of a job opening at Sweetwater Sound {Dan's current employer}.  They were hiring in the studio - Dan's dream job!  After a few weeks of trying to ignore this opportunity {and failing - it was all we thought about}, Dan decided to go ahead and apply online and just see what happened.  Little did we know that 48 hours later we'd be sitting down to a breakfast in little cafe in Siem Reap, Cambodia making a decision that changed the course of our lives entirely.

So here we are, a little over a year later, working on the little blue house we bought just 10 months ago!

Funny how things change!

While moving back to Indiana may not seem like the most glamorous adventure, to us it's been quite the journey.  We had set up roots in Pennsylvania before heading overseas, and were sure that we'd end up back there when we returned stateside.  It was hard to come "home" but not actually be home!

A lot has changed over the past year or so.  We moved around the world, then across the country.  We started new jobs - after spending months searching.  We got a dog - the best one, I might add!  We bought a house - and moved again.  We changed that house - we're still changing that house.  We started attending a new church.  We've made friends, and lost friends.  We've learned a lot and been stretched and challenged.  We are different.

It may not be on par with a Peace Corps experience - but the journey home has been nothing short of a life changing experience.

And all I can say is....It's good to be home!

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