Tuesday, March 27, 2012

40 breads // whole wheat hamburger buns

the bread no.4 : whole wheat hamburger buns

our changes : I replaced unbleached flour with white whole wheat flour, because that's what we had.  When we made them the second time we used unbleached flour.  The result was basically the same

our thoughts : A mixer with a dough hook makes the process much quicker.  Also, don't forget to allow the dough to raise the second hour, it helps to create a lighter bun.  We forgot the frist time, and though the buns were still delicious, they were more dense than the second batch.

the verdict :  Awesome.  We loved them so much that we made them again this weekend for my mom's birthday.  They pair great with anything...burger, chicken, veggies...they're even sweet enough to eat as is!  Definitely plan to make these again.

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