Tuesday, April 17, 2012

40 breads // croissants

the bread no.5 croissants

our changes : none

our thoughts : You need lots of time and patience to make these!  I started the dough on Friday night and finally cooked the rolls on Sunday evening.  The process is not particularly difficult, there's just a lot of waiting and small steps in between.   Dan mentioned that I'd made these before {though I can't remember} and he doesn't remember it taking nearly as long, but it the recipe I used then also required a number of steps.  I don't think I'll be making these again any time soon.

the verdict :  Very good, but not sweet like you might expect, or like I might expect {I love sweet!}.  They are also a little crunchier on the bottom than I would like {I prefer my croissants ooey & gooey}.  They're great with a little pumpkin butter for breakfast.  We've been making lots of sandwiches with left over crockpot chicken from Sunday and I just had one for dinner with a little avocado on it!  yummy!

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