Sunday, April 8, 2012

back to reality

 We're back from a wonderfully relaxing and much needed weekend away.

We have known for some time that we needed a break from the house and all it's anxieties.  We just aren't very good at actually taking such a break - finding it hard to spend precious time and money on something other than the little blue house.  But when my friend Ellen offered to let us stay in her family's beach house for the weekend we couldn't pass it up.

Because it was meant to be a weekend of relaxation, we made little plans - honestly, no plans other than food {we brought food with us for all our meals}.  Friday morning we woke on our own - no alarms - and took our time getting up and around.  After breakfast we loaded up the car and headed north to Muskegon, Michigan.

We usually travel quickly, rarely stopping {our trips to PA often only involve one stop for gas and stretching legs}.  This time however, we took our time and stopped often.  This was Mei Mei's first long distance trip and we wanted to be sure she got enough fresh air and time to stretch her legs.  We spent much of the weekend just like our drive leisurely.  We spent time relaxing, taking walks with Mei Mei, and simply enjoying one another's company.  Not gonna lie, it was difficult for both of us to relax and just "be", it's been far too long since we've allowed ourselves time to relax.

So happy to have had this time together, but now it's back to reality and finishing up the bathroom before the start of the work week - back to school tomorrow!

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