Monday, April 9, 2012

blog love

Last week I had more than enough time to finally catch up on some of my blog reading.  I follow a number of blogs, but rarely have enough time to really keep up with them, so now I'm caught up.  There are so many wonderful blogs out there, with so many awesome and creative ideas.  I could spend hours just wondering around cyberspace taking in all the awsomeness.  But, there is work to be done.  I thought I'd share a few of my favorites.

1. Young House Love
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We stumbled upon this site while searching for backsplash ideas for our kitchen.  It's obvious to see why we stuck around.  John & Sherry's blog is full of great DIY tips and tricks, as well as great interior design inspiration.  They are real, they share the good, bad, and ugly of remodeling a home DIY style...just what we need for that extra boost when we're feeling overwhelmed!

2. Design Sponge
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Not sure when I found this blog, but I've been hooked ever since with their fantastic before and after posts as well as their easy to understand DIY projects.  It's a great place to go for inspiration, not just for the home, but for party planning and entertaining.  Though Grace Bonney is the master mind behind this great site, she has a team of wonderfully talented women behind her making this a mashing of great minds.  I love all the perspective and variety, from real people on real projects.

3. Elise Blaha :: enJOY it
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While searching for a new quilt pattern, I landed on Elise's amazing blog.  She's great, lots of fun and entertaining stories about every day life.  I read her blog everyday!  She's an artist, crafter, baker, runner, diy-er, and her last name happens to be Cripe!   What I love the most about her blog is how real she is.  She also has a great etsy shop here.

4. House Bella
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Another great DIY/design blog.  Sara and Mike have been fixing up their home for the past two years sharing the journey along the way.  They have great inspiration boards as well as DIY projects.  I only recently found their blog, but I look forward to perusing for future ideas.

5. {aka} design
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Yet another DIY design blog I stumbled upon lately...can you tell I'm in the decorating mode?  This couple shares all kinds of great tips and tricks for design on a budget.  Dean and Shannon have a wealth of information on their blog from DIY projects, furniture updates, inspiration boards and a few great recipes thrown in.  Lots to be learned from this awesome couple.

6. Sew Dysfunctional
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Heidi is married to a great college friend of ours.   Isn't she cute...and her blog is so fun.  I love her style.  She's full of cheap and easy DIY projects as well as great vegetarian recipes.  I enjoy keeping up with her and our buddy Dave through her blog.

7. Henry Homestead
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When she's not chasing her three little ones around or moving across the country, our friend Rachel is full of interior design and decorating ideas.  She has a great design eye, and is full of advice for those of us who may be stuck in a rut.  I love watching her little ones grow up and especially love the easy updates she's been able to do in rental spaces {with the approval and support of their landlords}.  They're currently expecting number 4 and moving yet again, so her posts are few and far between, but that doesn't mean her archives aren't full of great ideas!

8. 100 Days of Real Food
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Last fall we started to make some major changes to our eating habits.  In doing so, I did quite a lot of research in order to find recipes and resources to support our changes.  When I found Lisa's blog I was thrilled to see that one woman had inspired so many to make the same changes.  I have been following her blog ever since, using it as a resource for recipes when I'm stuck on a certain ingredient {kale!? what the heck do you do with kale? ask Lisa!} or just to learn more about ways to cut out processed food in our day to day lives.  Her site is chocked full of ideas, tips, and connects you to a world of resources to support a real food diet.


  1. Jess you are too sweet. :) But you have inspired me--- I might just have to actually write posts about the little projects I've done over the last few months (instead of just taking pictures of them and letting them sit on my computer!). Thanks for your other favorite blogs... more fun reading!

  2. Glad to inspire. Hope you had a fantastic Easter!