Thursday, April 5, 2012

Master Bedroom Love

While waiting for the paint to dry, I thought it was an appropriate time to dream and design our new master bedroom. This is my first mood board made with Polyvore.  Super user friendly and lots of fun to dream!
Master Bedroom Love

1. sheer curtains {$4.99 IKEA} Definitely the way to go in our new master bedroom.  The room sports 7 windows facing all four directions allowing for lots of natural light, and the sheers will supply privacy without sacrificing natural light.  Because it's a bedroom and we may decide that the sheers do not offer much privacy, I may find some floor-length fabric curtains to hang on either side of the three large north-facing windows

2. ceiling fan {$100 HomeDepot} Living in a house without air conditioning is not a deal breaker for us, but living in a house without air conditioning AND no ceiling fans - that's a different story!  We plan on installing a ceiling fan in each of the three bedrooms as well as the living room.  I love the sleek look of this one from HomeDepot, and the price is just right!

3. planted palm {already own} So, this is NOT the exact palm we have - ours is not nearly that full and healthy, but we love it none the less.  With all the windows and natural light, this plant {and hopefully many more} will get loads of light and hopefully thrive in this room.    

4. driftwood mirror {$199 Crate&Barrel} I love the natural look of the driftwood and the earthy feel it brings to the room, however, I can't imagine us dropping $199 for it!  We practically live in the woods and I'm sure we can craft up something homemade with a similar look and feel.  Maybe something like this.

5. framed silhouettes {already own} While in Taiwan we had our silhouettes cut by an incredibly generous and talented man who'd given us a VIP tour of the rice noodle factory in the city we were living.  We have cherished these images as they captured who we were in that moment, and are an incredible symbol of the beginning of a new and unknown adventure that we'd just embarked on.  They were hanging next to our bed, pre-headboard, but now they're just sitting on a shelf.  I'm hoping to hang them above our bed in the new room kind of like this.

6. chest of drawers {$249 IKEA} We have two mismatched hand-me-down dressers currently, but I think this move upstairs is a great excuse to look into a new, more functional {ie. bigger} dresser.  We also have an awkward attic access door to hide and neither of our current dressers are tall enough.  I'd love to thrift something like this and stain it a very dark color...keep your eyes open!

7. easy chair {$299 IKEA} I love the size of the master bedroom, not too big, but just big enough to feel comfortable.  I'm hoping to turn this corner into a nice little reading nook.  I've been eyeing this chair since my first IKEA trip last summer, waiting for the day when I had the perfect spot for it!  I love the simple shape and the fun fabric adds a great pop of color without going overboard.  I can just see my blanket hanging over the back or on my lap while reading a good book!

8. table lamp {$10 IKEA}  We already own this lamp.  I'm contemplating another?!?  I'm wondering how one on either side of the bed on top of mismatched night stands would look?  I'm also loving using an old chair as a night stand like this.

9. night stand {$60 IKEA} Our current night stand is a custom made wedding gift from a dear friend of Dan's.  It works perfectly as a night stand, but it's so beautiful and has so much sentiment that we're hoping to incorporate it into the living room eventually.  We'd like to replace it with something simple like this nigh stand, again hoping to thrift something.

10. area rug {$170}  One of the selling points of this house was the lovely original hardwood floors.  We love the worn look and hope to refinish the living room and bedroom floors to be a rich dark chocolate color.  While we love the hardwood, an area rug helps to soften the room and add a bit of comfort and warmth.  This rug offers a simple burst of color and comfort while not hiding our beautiful floors.

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